Louisville Rediscovered: The Project

Louisville Rediscovered is a video project created to promote the city of Louisville. Jessica Eturralde brings in viewers from all over the country into this historical city and promotes it through her vivacious experiences. Its purpose is designed to espouse local business and culture by creating a live experience for the viewer, allowing them to see first handedly into the lives of its citizens and fine organizations. Louisville Rediscovered captures a new viewing angle with its television and internet webisodes due to the focus of social networking and new media to develop followers and generate interest.

“I believe that Louisville is a great city that should be experienced on film on a national level so everyone around this country will relate Louisville to the fantastically multifarious city it is, to the foodie city it is, and a historically rich location that has earned its name as The Possibility City. We are putting Louisville back on the map!” Jessica exclaims.

And that is exactly what she is set out to do. From the local shops and hang outs in the east to resting on the Ohio River front, she is taking you on a journey into the world of our local community.

Rethink everything you thought you knew about Possibility City: it’s about to change.

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