10 Things You Don’t Know About Jessica Eturralde

Taken on the Belle of Louisville. Vintage dress: Pink Door Boutique

Here are 10 things that you probably do not know about our Louisville Fashionista, Jessica Eturralde.

From Jessica:

  1. Many people don’t believe it, but I started out incredibly shy. I am good at what I do because I just love people. Y’all bring it out of me.
  2. I have three adorable children at home where it is never ever boring. In fact the stories around here are so funny that I created a Momsay, a humor/survival blog for mothers, just to tell about it.
  3. I was raised in the remote country, surrounded by corn and tobacco fields accommodating wild turkey, deer, and the occasional aroma of cow manure. I can recall being late to school three times due to belligerent cows stuck in the road until the farmer would come poke it with a stick.
  4. My first love was the flute.  As a teen, I spent an average of 5 hours a day practicing while all of my friends did other teenage things. I also studied voice and performed for several years while teaching in my own performing arts studio in Atlanta, GA.
  5. I really enjoy cooking at home. I am a serious foodie who believes that food brings people together. I even can my own fruits and vegetables, make sauces and jellies, and bake artisan breads.
  6. I am a sponge when it comes to foreign language learning and speak at least a few sentences in eight different languages. I can count from one to ten in five (if I include English) of them, say hello in 11, and speak intermediate Russian. If I am speaking to someone who has an accent, it is common for me to develop a temporary accent while speaking to them. This is so embarrassing because I don’t do it intentionally! It is very difficult to explain to someone how I grew up in the south and suddenly have a foreign accent. Former life? Osmosis? I dunno.
  7. I love to learn. I am a current events/news nerd. I am passionate about politics and society. I want to be educated on everything that there is to know. I can even place 95% of the world’s countries on the map. Swear.
  8. I can sing EVERY Journey song word-for-word.
  9. If I wasn’t doing what I am doing, I would be a professional ballroom dancer. I used to study a variety of dance including ballroom and at one time, my favorite movie was, “Dance with Me”.
  10. I was born to travel and talk to people about their culture. In seventh grade on Career Day, we went around the room and stated what we were going to be when we grew up. To which I replied, “a tourist”.

My favorite part about my job is experiencing a place for the first time. Visiting somewhere new always makes my heart race with excitement. There is always something new to uncover, and I will never do it all. I really love it when I meet people who are down to earth and remind me that we all have the same commonalities!


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